The Wind Project is a Community Benefit Society, run for the benefit of the Salcombe and wider sailing community. It offers discounted/subsidised sailing lessons and tuition to local schools, individuals and colleges with the aim of increasing wider social participation in sailing. By fostering a love of sailing and the water, young people who participate in The Wind Project’s activities will not only benefit educationally but gain an insight into the varied range of opportunities open to them in the marine sector generally.

Being on the sea and sailing has so many benefits. Interacting with the elements, gaining fresh air and exercise, working with others as a team, being water confident and capable of understanding boats, tides, navigation, the weather, to name but a few. The Wind Project wants to make the joys and benefits of sailing more accessible to as many as possible.

    • We engage with local schools and colleges to promote sailing as an enjoyable activity which anyone can participate in, whatever their background, helping to tackle inequality of opportunity.

    • We are developing sailing qualifications, improving young people’s employability and skills.

    • Offering Sailing lessons for adults living locally with disabilities.

    • We support local people to develop new skills by volunteering with us.

    • We are helping to raise awareness of the many career opportunities in the marine industry, which will have a positive impact on the local and wider economy.

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